How to Choose Perfumes for Mothers Day

Sure, you love your mom. That’s totally undisputable. But that doesn’t mean that some years Mother’s Day completely escapes your mind and you’re scrambling to find a gift for your mom at the last minute.

Avoid all that stress and be 100 percent prepared this year with a gift your mom is guaranteed to love: a gorgeous perfume. A pretty fragrance is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because scent is so personal. But instead of spending hours at the department store, spritzing test strips with different perfumes and walking out of there smelling like you were way too spray-happy, just check out our Mother’s Day perfume guide.

We’ve got the perfect scent for every mom. Keep reading to see our favorites and then all you have to decide is which one is just right for your mom.

Consider your Mother’s Day shopping done.

Just the gorgeous flower-adorned bottle alone makes this scent the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This fragrance is ideal for the mother who fully embraces her soft and feminine side. The bright freshness of bergamot oranges with a twist of white alba truffle is as pretty as it is unique.

A lily of the valley bouquet is traditionally given as a message of love, so what better Mother’s Day present than a bottle of this fragrance? If your mother has a green thumb or just loves filling her home with fresh flowers, then you’ve found her new favorite perfume.

Summer parfumes ideas

We’ve been drowning in new fragrances this summer. It’s not a bad problem to have, but when your office starts to smell like a department store beauty floor, it’s time to do some heavy editing. We’ve narrowed down the long list of summer fragrances to the top 12 biggest launches of the season — the ones any fragrance junkie should be required to try.

From subtle splashes to floral explosions, they run the gamut, and we geeked out on the clever branding and bottling. Ever think you’d see luxury French design house Hèrmes in the same lineup with Justin Bieber’s eau de teen dream? Oh yes we did.

Launch date: July 7 exclusively at Sephora; September everywhere else

As the name suggests, this fragrance is sweet, but it’s not a sugar bomb. The honey notes are balanced out with rich woods and zesty mandarin, and it’s got a splash of fruit punch for good measure. The designer is calling this the little sister toMarc Jacobs Dot.

You know the fresh, watery blast you get when you bite into a really crisp apple? That’s the sensation of See by Chloe: a bright blend of apple, apple blossom, jasmine and ylang ylang. If you like the grownup version of Chloe, this is the perfect summer version.

Embarrassed Love on Fragrance

When you ask a woman — especially a beauty editor — for her favorite perfume, you expect to hear names like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Chloé — not Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton.

It’s not that we have anything against these celebs, but there’s something so cheese-tastic about buying and wearing a fragrance that has a celebrity’s face plastered all over it. And yet, the celebrity fragrance industry is booming.

Elizabeth Taylor was the first to cash in with her celebrity perfume, and since then the fragrance industry has become a major revenue source for Hollywood. Take Paris Hilton. She’s made $1.5 billion dollars from her perfume collection so far, and she’s coming out with fragrance No. 15 this summer. Clearly there’s a market for the products, but who arethe women shelling out their hard earned cash for these celebrity fragrances?

We are.

Skip ahead to see the 11 celebrity fragrances we’re embarrassed to love.

Now, before you start raising those eyebrows, hear us out. While we may not proudly display these celeb fragrances on our vanities, the truth is that a handful of these perfumes actually smell good. Sure, you could argue that some of these celebrities don’t have any business in the limelight — let alone the perfume industry. But one way or another, they’ve created scents that a lot of us love to wear. Want to see the 11 celebrity fragrances the editors secretly spritz on every day? Who knows, just like us, you might end up needing to find a good hiding spot for one of these.

Find Sexiest New Perfumes for Your Dating

Enticing, seductive, charming are three qualities we’d all like to have come Valentine’s Day, and lucky for you, we’re here to leak the secret to possessing them: fragrance. By wearing one (sexy) perfume you can steal his heart — through his nose. Sure, the low cut top could help, but the surefire way to get his blood pumping by the end of the night is by wearing a perfume that will drive him crazy. Scent after all plays a powerful role in the game of seduction. Don’t believe us? Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk dutifully punching in numbers (or whatever your work entails) and suddenly, wafts of toasted bagels make their way to your cubicle. At that point, do you really have a choice but to make a mad dash for the office kitchen and chow down on the extra calories you really didn t need this week? No. Exactly.

See the sexiest fragrances for you (and him) now.

We know, there’s a difference between being tempted to eat and tempted to do other things. But various studies have shown that pheromones released into the air are detected through nerves in our noses, which can then trigger fear, aggression, and even sexual arousal. While it’s still unclear exactly how this all works (studies are still underway), it’s undeniable to us that there’s definitely something about Calvin Klein Black (or any other scent you’re magnetically drawn to) that overcomes us with the desire to rip a strange man’s shirt off. You with us? No?

Well, if you rather not rub toasted bagels all over your body, there are new seductive fragrances you can wear that are guaranteed to make him salivate. These sexy scents are organized under floral, fruity, oriental and woodsy categories to help you find the one that best suits your taste in fragrance. And to save you the pain of going tie shopping (again) or buying chocolates that only you end up eating, we also selected a few of the newest colognes for guys — hopefully you’ll find a gift-worthy scent you’ll both enjoy.

Whats Your Favorite Summer Perfume

The season of summer has some of the most distinct smells. The hot, sticky aroma of humidity and fresh cut grass. The sweet, salt water wind at the beach. The pungent, almost bitter fragrance of moist flowers in the garden. Chlorine � sorry, we’re getting carried away. It’s just that summer is known for its fragrance — and when we think fragrance, we think perfume.

Skip to see which new summer perfume you should try now.

This season not only offers up glorious earthy smells, it also brings a fresh crop of designer perfumes that are perfectly lighter and more whimsical than the heavier scents of fall and winter. And just as you swap your wardrobe for lighter clothing when the temperature soars, you should do the same with your perfume.

But finding your new signature summer scent takes work — and you know what they say about summertime being easy living. Who wants to spend precious beach time in Sephora, sniffing the perfumes that line the perimeter of the store? Here’s a little secret: To find a summer scent that speaks to you, choose one that’s similar to the way you like to smell throughout the rest of the year. Scroll through this gallery of highly rated year-round perfumes, look for the notes you typically wear, and check out the new, summer suggestion for you based on your usual scents. Easy, right? Right.

If you like this: Burberry Classic, $58, with notes of black currant, peach, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla.

Try this: Philosophy Summer Grace (Limited Edition), $40, with the lighthearted, airy scents of blooming flowers and sun-ripened fruits.

Your Mom will be Like it

Mother’s Day gifts are tough. You want to give something that says “thanks for being a great Mom,” without resigning her to the kitchen by giving her a “helpful” cooking appliance, or making her feel old by gifting a knitting or crocheting kit, or proving that you had no time by handing her a Hallmark card that reads like a cheesy novel. Clothes are tricky. Flowers are overdone. Chocolates imply no thought.

Like we said, a gift for the most important woman in your life on a day when you are thanking her for her often-thankless work has got to be good.

Skip to see the new perfect-for-spring-and-summer perfumes (and a couple classics) that will make any mother’s day.

That’s why perfume is the perfect gift for really any woman. It shows thought, effort and taste on your part and if it’s the right perfume for her, she will be forever thankful. Why? Because scent is the strongest link to memory — every time she smells it, she will be reminded of your love and appreciation.

But now that you are hip to the secret of a successful Mother’s Day gift, it’s important to realize that you can’t just pop into any Sephora or department store and pick a perfume at random. That’s where we come in. With this handy guide containing the best and brightest perfumes new for the season as well as a nod to a couple classics, you can find a scent that matches her essence (or yours if you are treating yourself) be it youthful, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, or ultra feminine.

Trust us, she’ll love these picks way more than the mug with “#1 Mom” slapped on it — shehad to say she liked that — it’s called unconditional love.

Love Summer in Fragarance

Take a deep, deep breath in through your nose. Smell that? That’s the scent of summer.

Come May, the aromas in the air start to change distinctly. There’s the classic summer scent cocktail of sunscreen, sand, and salt water. And then there’s the smell of savory barbeque chicken and juicy watermelon at a family picnic. Or sprinklers and cut grass. Fresh mint from the herb garden. Chlorine wafting up from your pool. You get the drift. There’s a whole buncha smells going on, and our olfactory senses are in overdrive this time of year.

So, when new summer fragrances started landing on our desks, we couldn’t wait to spritz ’em on our pulse points. And while it’s not possible to bottle summer, these scents come pretty close.

Which is why we’ve gone and rounded up the freshest of the bunch. The only problem? There’s no scratch n’ sniff option on the Internet. (But how awesome would it be if there were!? C’mon technology, make it happen!) So it’s our job to describe these scents as distinctly and viscerally as possible.

Instead of using common perfume descriptors that don’t really tell us much — words like “sensual,” “refined,” or “romantic” — we’ve come up with exactly the people, places, or things these summer fragrances bring to mind for us. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

Keep clicking to find your favorite new fragrance you’ll use all summer long.

Flower Perfume is The Great Choice

How much do you love your home state? Enough to pick a fragrance based on the state flower? We’ve got warm weather on the brain and we’re looking for any excuse to lay eyes on bundles of flowers. So, we scoured a full set of encyclopedias (kidding! we used the interwebs!) to find the 50 state flowers and selected a gorgeous group of fragrances featuring those floral notes. One confession: a few state flowers are either poisonous or not exactly fragrant (sorry, Indian Paintbrush flower states), so we subbed state trees with matching scents. What are you waiting for? Click through to find your state flower … in a perfume!

State Flower: Camellia
Fragrance: Avon Instinct, $25 for 1.7oz

Selected as Alabama’s state flower in 1959, the camellia is the middle note in this light, clean fragrance.

State Flower: Forget-Me-Not
Fragrance: Library of Flowers Forget Me Not, $54 for 1.7oz

It may not contain actual forget-me-nots, but Library of Flowers kept the blue color so unique to the Alpine forget-me-nots that grow on the rocky mountains of Alaska.

State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom
Fragrance: Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise, $55.99 for 4.2oz

Pure Turquoise contains night blooming cactus flowers similar to the ones found on Arizona’s Saguaro Cactus, which can grow up to fifty feet tall and live to be 200 years old.

Fragrance Suits Your Personality

For most of us, choosing a perfume is as simple as “it smells good” (or, real talk — by which bottle will look prettiest on our vanity). But Mark Crames, the CEO of the all-encompassing fragrance library Demeter, and Jacquelyn Lang, CEO of Beauty Encounter, say our choices go far beyond that.

You may actually choose a fragrance based on a memory you associate with scent, a particular time of the year, or what may be most telling, certain notes that are reflective of your personality.

“Over the years, I’ve seen personalities gravitate to the same notes,” says Lang. “A scent certainly can be an extension of one’s personality.” Whether you’re bold or reserved, a romantic or a realist, adventurous or a wallflower, there’s a new fall scent to match your personality. Here, the fall fragrances sure to become your signature scent.

The scent you’ll love: Lang says powerful women are drawn toward bold, floral scents. “Florals have a powerful, yet feminine presence. They are pleasant and don’t overwhelm the senses, allowing the woman — not the perfume — to make the statement.”

Notes to look for: In the fall, it’s important to look for bigger fragrance notes, as lighter, more transparent scents don’t stand up to cold weather, says Crames. “Jasmine is a good fall floral, because it’s more effusive. It’s spicy and earthy.” Also look for gardenia and musk for the perfect blend of bold and feminine.

Celebrity Fragrance Ideas

After winning “Best Celebrity Fragrance of the Year” this year with her Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume, we have high hopes for this new addition to the fragrance line. If it’s supposed to be a reflection of who she is now, we’re assuming it’s slightly more mature and less playful than her previous scents. Top notes are sweet, floral-fruity with a woody base — fun and feminine, but still strong. Launching this month, the packaging certainly reflects a more grownup expression from the pop star. The crystal clear bottle topped with a classic pearl necklace is lovely.

What’s the best way to promote a world tour, an enviable marriage to the richest man in hip hop, and smell like success? Create a perfume that does all three. With strong hints of pink pepper, mangosteen and açaí paired with softer notes of florals, vanilla and Australian sandalwood, this limited edition fragrance is a pleasant addition to Bey’s Heat signature line started back in 2009. The name itself is fitting since, after all, she is a hot topic (people can’t stop talk about whether she’s pregnant or not, frenemies with Kim or not, Photoshopped or not). The new fragrance, all wrapped up in an hourglass aqua and gold bottle, is available online now.

Finally! After months of speculation (and, like, three breakup/makeups with KStew), this new luxury fragrance collaboration is confirmed. Whether it was his impressive resume of winning nearly 40 awards in nine movies or his charming good looks, we’re happy to see this (ahem) $12 million RPattz upgrade. With the campaign set to launch September 1 in three countries, it’ll be interesting to see just what kind of blitz that dough can buy.

How to to Wear Perfume for The Great One

At least 1,000 new fragrances will come out this year. (To put that number into perspective, only 76 new scents were released in 1991.) With so many fragrances to choose from, you’d think that finding your ideal scent would be easier. But how many times have you smelled a perfume and wished it were a hint sweeter or a little lighter? Instead of sniffing thousands of scents in search of the perfect one (which sounds like a major headache — literally!), wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to wear the perfume you already have —better?

That’s where layering fragrances comes in. In this case, we’re not talking about mixing two perfumes, which experts say can be extremely tricky even for a trained nose. Instead, it’s about incorporating the right scents into other aspects of your beauty routine to make your perfume work better for you. “Ideally, layering is about choosing a body wash and lotion that will help extend your scent throughout the day,” says Franco Wright, co-owner of the Scent Bar in Los Angeles.

Skip ahead to learn how to layer fragrances.

Not only can you make your fragrance last longer, but there are also tricks to change your scent for different seasons or wear it in unique ways for more impact. Basically, how you wear perfume is just as important as the fragrance you wear. So, follow these seven tips to get the most out of your favorite perfume now.

When choosing bath and body products to layer with your fragrance, there’s one piece of advice that trumps all others: Choose products in the same fragrance family. “If you wear a gourmand scent, choose a gourmand body lotion and shower gel,” says Wright. “And the same goes with citrus or floral.”

To make things easy, you can always buy the ancillary products that go along with your favorite fragrance. We love Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends in Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit, $75, which has a matching body lotion and body cleanser. The fragrances are each slightly different, but they all use the Japanese Nashi Blossom. Using all three will give you a more intense and longer lasting fragrance.